Teva Quiatol


Teva has crammed more into his life so far than a lot of people ever will. He speaks three languages, has lived in Tahiti, France, New Caledonia, Switzerland and now Australia. When he was ten, Teva practiced Kung Fu and lived with monks in China for a month… we couldn’t make that up if we tried. He completed a degree in Valence and is part way through another double degree here, in Commerce/ Business Administration (Accounting). Whilst studying and working in our team part time, he also volunteers at YGAP not for profit.

Teva’s knack for numbers means that he loves to delve into a financial challenge and help people out of a situation they often perceive as stressful and confusing. Outside of business, you’ll find him doing anything active outdoors with his wife Sarah and daughter Anavai, whether it be martial arts, surfing, hiking or snowboarding. He’s your go-to for crypto currency advice, and for a whiskey fuelled philosophical chat.

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