Our story

Life is too short and business is too stressful to have an average accountant. We decided to do things differently: back to the drawing board, so we can work for the future.

We take away the bits that people often find hard or boring so you can focus your efforts on the stuff that matters, like extra family time or working on the business rather than in it (an overused term, but for good reason).

Good accounting doesn’t just consider the now. It considers and plans for the future. We work with people playing a long game, people looking to partner with someone willing to ride those waves together.

A bit about us...

Our Values

Having lived and breathed the accounting industry for years, we know its reputation: unexciting, uninviting and bottom line focused. That’s not what we’re about. At Future Advisory, we don’t just calculate – we communicate. We’re number-crunching, nature-loving, people-focused innovators who care about your success and want to see you triumph. As experts in all things finance, we’re continually evolving our business to challenge the status quo, better suit your needs and provide tailored support as you embark on your financial journey.

Wellbeing is everything

Wellbeing refers to our physical and mental health; this is a workplace that encourages our team and community to be vulnerable, to turn those selfcare quotes into everyday practices and to embrace open conversations. Checking in on each other is second nature and leaving judgement at the door is a non negotiable.

We are the antidote to traditional accounting

A team rife with personality, processes that are technology-led, services and knowledge that are always one step ahead of the pack. We are curious; we question how things have always been done and ask: why? Can we do it differently, in a way that makes our clients’ lives easier?

Family comes first

We genuinely live by this. We never waiver from prioritising loved ones, and we go out of our way to make sure those around us (clients included) are doing the same because we care.

Self awareness leads to growth

Whilst we know we’re good at what we do, there is always more to learn. We don’t shy away from owning a mistake or admitting when we don’t know the answer. Being honest with ourselves and those around us, actively seeking information to plug those knowledge gaps and regular self reflection means that we are constantly evolving as professionals, and people.

Trace Future Advisory

Putting our money where our mouth is and taking active steps towards becoming a climate positive workforce was paramount to our overall mission. Partnering with Trace ticked so many boxes that the decision was essentially made for us.

Every month, we offset our total carbon emissions made by the full team, our energy consumption, travel, waste and suppliers, by supporting projects around the world that are actively undoing the damage.

You can head to our Trace partner page to read about the specifics of these projects and how Joanna and Cat are making a true difference to the planet.

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