We *love* advising people on their business and their personal numbers. There’s a plethora of information out there and lots of noise in the industry – sometimes, it’s hard to know what to listen to. Jason teamed up with Nick and Marty to bring your ears only the best, most important finance, investment and business chatter that’s worth tuning into.

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Who Are Your  Hosts

Each week Jason Robinson (you know what he does), Nick Reilly (financial planner) and Marty Videkovic (broker and business developer) come together to bring you strategy and advice around the importance of knowing your numbers.

Jason Robinson
CPA Accountant
Co Founder and Director of Future Advisory, this is a guy who really knows his business advisory and numbers.
Nick Reilly
Financial Advisor & Broker
As the Managing Director of Inovayt, Nick has cut his teeth in the finance industry for 20 years. Personal wealth is his strong suit.
Marty Vidakovic
Marty has built and grown two award winning broking firms. When it comes to investment and the property market, he’s the person you want advice from.

Recent Episodes

Numbers really do tell a story, so let’s make it a good one. Listen on Apple
Reading the play
We kick each week off with headlines around what’s happening in the industry. This might be advice relevant to what’s happening in the market, or a topic that’s making the round in the news.
Losing it
This segment is all about the lessons that Nick, Marty, Jase or a client has made so that you don’t make it too.
The 1%er
Often, it’s the small things that make a massive impact on your business or in your personal finances. These are the nuggets of gold that you don’t want to miss.

Listener Reviews

5.0 from 40 reviews
Awesome Listening
Great podcast to build up my investment and financial knowledge. Love listening to Jase, Marty & Nick each time.
Bryce S.
Great Show
Flat out a great listen, honest & logical discussions generated from experience! Thanks gents!
Such a fantastic POD cast gents. So relevant and relatable to real life. Using so much of your content into first venture into business. Keep up the great work.
Great Listening
I am really enjoying listening to this podcast. The guys are very knowledgeable and make finance talk enjoyable to listen to. It is ticking all the boxes for me as a small business owner and
Sloppy cakes
Great podcast
Very informative, and simple to digest, this podcast provides practical information that is readily implementable. The three presenters have a great on air chemistry and don't take themselves too seriously, however, all are very knowledgeable

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