August 31 - Business Advice

Plugging in your business plan for success

Small Business Digital Champions Project Conference

Earlier this month Jase and Greg attended the Small Business Digital Champions project conference. You can find a recap of the event here.

As part of their time at Facebook HQ, Jason was part of a panel discussion on ‘Plugging in your business plan for success’ alongside three fellow digital mentors and equal powerhouses in their fields. 

Leanne Berry is Director of Love Your Numbers Book Keeping and a former Microsoft Small and Medium Enterprise Ambassador. Yohan Ramasundara is an entrepreneur and President of the Australian Computer Society and Marcus Wilson is founder and CEO of Surgical Partners, a financial administration platform for healthcare practices. 

Already in good company, the panel was hosted by Emma Shipley, Small Business Partner Manager at Facebook, who directed the conversation into being a wealth of juicy anecdotes and tips for small business owners from people who have become leaders in their industry. 

For those who missed it, the panel was streamed live to Facebook and is available to watch on the Digital Champions Facebook Page. We’ve summarised the best bits here:

business plan

Get the help you need quick smart

Outsourcing was a topic that was covered by all of the panellists including Jason. Leanne from Love Your Numbers passed on this pearl of wisdom:

“As small business owners, we go into business because we’re passionate about something. When you’re taking time away from focusing on that passion to do the books, marketing, HR…You’re taking away focus from what you love and that is draining. Understand where your focus is and outsource as fast as you can to get the expert advice that you need.”

Use tech to get ahead 

Marcus from Surgical Partners says that embracing new technology will reduce the friction in all areas of your business. 

He explained that in the healthcare industry there is a natural resistance to change however without ever-changing technology, his business could not run. 

Yohan from the Australian Computer Society says it’s important for businesses to use tech as an enabler.

“Look at your business model and keep evolving it by paying attention to the digital world and how it’s evolving…use technology to fit your needs.”

Give more than you take 

When discussing digital marketing, Marcus said that giving away more than you take is integral.

“You’ve got to share your knowledge and build a presence, become the authoritative figure in what you’re trying to sell. Present yourself as an expert not just when you’re turning up to conferences but online too.”

Yohan said that there is an opportunity for Australian businesses to learn and grow by sharing more knowledge and experience business to business. 

“Share what you can, not only to educate others, but so they can question and challenge your ideas.”

Begin with the end goal in mind 

Perhaps was the biggest takeaway of the session was to always have the end goal in mind. Jason said it’s about writing down what you want, sticking it up somewhere you can see it and working towards it every day. 

“Paint what you want your business to look like with your digital footprint. What you’re doing now is setting your up for years to come ”

Yohan is currently working on two startups and said that it’s important to get your tech foundations right so that you can scale when you need to and think big. 

Leanne recommended that businesses invest in technology that will allow your business to grow. 

“Don’t just pay for the standard of today, pay for the standard that you want to grow towards in five or ten years time.”

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