Christina Chia

Client Manager

Christina has an impressive list of experience to say the least. She’s our newest expert on all things tax after enjoying positions at EY, PWC. HSBC Bank Malaysia, and then the Head of Tax at Zurich Insurance.

Christina was one of those kids we all envy who knew what she wanted to do since a young age. Accounting seemed like a good idea even at 12 years old when her uncle told her there is always a need for accountants (true that)! Christina loves numbers and gets a huge amount of satisfaction when all the figures balance, and they help inform decisions and direct everyone from small to large businesses along the right path. She loves the one-stop-shop vision of Future Advisory for everything from individual returns to in-depth business advisory and legal advice.

At home, Christina is surrounded by boys. Her kids Caleb and Joshua keep weekends full with trips to the park, zoo and movies. Ending the weekend with husband Andrew and a good book is Christina’s idea of heaven.

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