June 14 - Tax Accounting

Individual Tax Return Checklist 2022

If you’ve booked your individual tax return appointment, your next step is to complete this checklist. Come to your appointment organised and it’ll be a seamless process – with that return finding it’s way into your bank account ASAP!


Please provide evidence that is relevant for you:

  • Salary or Wages (PAYG Payment Summary / Group Certificate)
  • Allowances, Tips, Earnings, Directors Fees
  • Employer Lump Sum Payments, Employment Termination Payments (ETP)
  • Government. Allowances including Youth Allowances, Newstart and Austudy
  • Australian Government Pensions and/or Superannuation Income Streams
  • Australian Superannuation Lump Sum Payments Gross Interest for each account
  • Dividends received on Shares and Managed Fund Statements
  • Employee Share Scheme
  • Distributions from Trusts and/or Partnerships
  • Capital Gains (include the sales proceeds and all the costs related to acquiring the asset)
  • Foreign Source Income
  • Rental Property Income (please provide your annual summary from the real estate agent if available)
  • Any other income
Tax Return
Individual Tax Return


Please provide evidence that is relevant for you:

  • Work Related Car Expenses (Cents per km up to 5000 business km’s or Log book method)
  • Work Related Travel Expenses
  • Work Related Uniform Expenses (including protective clothing)Work related Self-Education Expenses (travel to course, course fees, books & stationery)
  • Work related Expenses (telephone, union fees, tools and equipment, computer, subscriptions, printing & stationery, internet cost, sun protection and any other work related deductions incurred)
  • Costs incurred if you received income from interest and/or dividends eg, interest paid
  • Donations (where receipts were given for donations over $2)
  • Last Year Tax Agent Fee Income Protection


For Individual Tax Return, please provide evidence that is relevant for you:

  • Private Health Insurance Statement
  • Spouses Income
  • Any other documentation that you believe is relevant for your tax (bring it along and we will tell you whether it should be reported or claimed)
  • BSB and Account Number (to have refunds paid directly into your bank account)
  • A copy of previous year tax return (for new clients only)
  • If you want a mortgage health check/review please bring your most recent home loan statement
  • If you want a health check on your superannuation and personal insurances please bring your most recent superannuation statement
  • For a tailored rental property checklist please email [email protected] or speak to your accountant


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