July 04 - Tax Accounting

How To Establish Your Director ID

To establish a director ID, you will need to verify your identity and ensure that this information matches the records held by the ATO.

1. Verify your identity

If you establish your director ID online, and you have not already set up myGovID, you will need to download the app onto your phone or device and create an account. The myGovID does not create your director ID – the app’s only purpose is to validate your identity, and once validated, issue a code that can be used to identify you on government online services without going through the same verification process. myGovID uses your phone/device’s camera to scan your forms of identification such as your passport, driver’s licence and/ or visa to validate who you say you are. Be careful when you are scanning your documentation as the system does not always read the scan correctly. You can check the documentation requirements here.

director id

2. Apply for your director ID through ABRS

Once you have set up your myGovID, you need to apply to the ABRS for your director ID.
Use the email you used to create your myGovID to start the process here. In addition to your myGovID, you will need to have on hand documentation that matches the information held by the ATO. If you have a myGov account linked to the ATO, you can find the details on your profile. You will need:
– Your tax file number
– The residential address held on file by the ATO; and
– Two documents that verify your identity such as:

o Your bank account details held by the ATO (on your myGov ATO account, see ‘my profile/financial institution details’)
o Dividend statement investment reference number
o Notice of assessment (NOA) – date of issue and the reference number (on your myGov ATO account, see Tax/lodgements/income tax/history)
o The gross amount from your PAYG payment summary
o Superannuation details including your super fund’s ABN and your member account number

The final stage requests your personal contact details (not the company’s).

Once complete, your director ID will be issued immediately on screen. This information should be provided to your company secretary or office holder.

If any of your details change, for example a change of residential address or phone number, you will need to update your details through the ABRS. You will also need to notify your company within seven days (14 days for CATSI Act directors) and the company will then need to notify the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) within 28 days.

Applying by phone or using paper forms

You can choose to verify your identity and apply for your director ID by phone (13 62 50) or on paper here.

You will need to have your identification documents available (see the list here). If you are applying using the paper form, your identity documentation will need to be certified by an authorised certifier such as a Barrister, Justice of the Peace etc.

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