August 31 - Business Advice

Digital Champions: Jurra Industries

You might’ve seen we’ve been focusing a lot on The Digital Champions Project lately across our platforms. Why? Because we believe in it! And there’s something for everyone to learn. Get yourself up to scratch on the project itself and what we learnt at the recent conference.

Future Advisory mentoring Jurra Industries

One of the businesses Future Advisory is lucky enough to mentor as part of the project is Jurra Industries. We sat down with Tyson and Trent to learn more about what they do and what the project has meant to their business so far. Ben is their Digital Transformation Leader from Deloitte who also joined the party!

As mechanical engineers, Trent and Tyson are methodical thinkers and problem solvers. As many start up stories go, Jurra was founded as a result of seeing an opportunity to do things differently by applying modern approaches to solving the problems and fast evolving demands of their industry.

Eight years ago Tyson left the large multinational he was working for to take a risk as the first employee of a start-up developing innovative products for the energy sector. As that startup grew, he was soon joined by Trent who was also on the lookout for a chance to test his mettle.

Jurra has come from humble beginnings and Tyson and Trent have focused on getting a name for themselves within the industry to get the ball rolling, as well as generating some cashflow. Don’t underestimate these country boys from Toowoomba though, they’ve got big plans. Short term, Jurra offers professional mechanical engineering and fabrication services. Long term though, the goal is to develop their own products for the energy sector. They’re particularity committed to playing a part in the transition to renewables.   

Transitioning their engineering skills into an updated version of an industry that has struggled with reinvention at the same time as growing as business owners is a big undertaking – and this is where The Digital Champions Project comes in. In an industry where the landscape is changing at such a rapid pace, where compliance is particularly stringent and where regulations are many, it’s essential that Jurra have a streamlined, process driven business to make operations as smooth as possible.

artboard 27 2x 100 Digital Champions: Jurra Industries

Achieving short term goals

Trent and Tyson believe that being a Digital Champion will help them achieve short term goals, whilst setting them up for their longer term plans and laying the groundwork for a successful business. Getting on board the digital train early means gaining a competitive advantage in what can be a traditional industry to work in.

So, what have the first steps been?

As their Digital Transformation Leader, Ben undertook a thorough needs assessment with Jurra. He narrowed in on what the current landscape looks like and from there, has worked with Jason to develop a transformation plan. This includes some key projects that they feel would really move the needle and achieve objectives in both the short and long term. Jason and Ben also act as sounding boards for Trent and Tyson to bounce ideas off.

For Ben, it’s been amazing just to see the appetite small business owners have to engage with technology and give it a red hot go. It goes to show that any business in any industry can do more than they imagine with time, energy, money and the right advice.

Key takeaways

The key takeaways for Trent and Tyson so far has been gaining an objective view of the business and education around how to achieve goals faster. Jason has been able to cement the benefit of having a digital footprint and the power of tech. The importance of a strong financial platform both in the short term and laying a good foundation for the long term as your business grows has also been a focus.

We’ll be checking in with Jurra in another couple of months to see what’s been implemented in the business and how things are evolving for them!