November 10 - Culture

Celebrating Our Clients Re-opening Post Lockdown

We’ve come out of what we hope is the last ever lockdown and have taken a breath of fresh air. It’s been a tough year for everyone but some of our clients have copped it the hardest. Now that they’re allowed to (literally) open their doors and welcome you with open arms, we’re here to give them a shoutout and celebrate their post lockdown re-opening! 

Beauty/Skin treatments

Hair salons/Hairdressing





Massage therapy



Wedding Suppliers 


Ms Rona no doubt continues to affect us in our everyday lives, regardless of lockdown. If your business needs pivoting, resetting new financial goals or analysing the numbers in depth for a good understanding of how C-19 has affected your business, get in touch! Management and analysis of financials is not everyone’s forte, so if your business is looking for further support, we also have a VCFO service.