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Accounting is a critical component of any business or individual’s financial management. It involves the recording, summarising, and analyzing of financial transactions to produce financial statements that provide a snapshot of an entity’s financial health.

When it comes to businesses, having a reliable tax accountant in Narre Warren is crucial. A skilled accountant can help owners review business structure, manage their finances, create a budget, and make informed decisions about investments and expansions. Additionally, a reliable accountant can ensure compliance with tax regulations and help businesses avoid costly penalties for non-compliance.

For individuals, a trusted accountant in Narre Warren can assist in managing personal finances and provide advice on investments, retirement planning, and tax compliance. They can help individuals create a budget, track expenses and income, and make informed decisions about their finances. A skilled tax accountant Narre Warren can also ensure that individuals are filing their tax returns accurately and avoid penalties for non-compliance.

About Us

Looking for an award-winning accounting firm that can take your financial management to the next level? Look no further than us! 

At Future Advisory, we are a friendly bunch of number-loving, future-thinking accountants dedicated to putting you and your financial needs first.

Our team of expert Xero accountants in Narre Warren has been recognized for our exceptional service and innovative solutions that help businesses and individuals alike achieve their financial goals. 

Case study 

2M Creative 

2M Creative is a Melbourne-based design practice known for delivering creative, detailed, and high-quality solutions. Working primarily within the retail and hospitality industries, 2M is proficient in delivering successful commercial projects of varying scales and budgets. The team has been directly involved in the design, construction, and operational delivery of various retail, hospitality, and commercial office refurbishments and fit-outs.


  • Lack of communication and clarity from a previous financial advisor
  • Messy and overly complicated accounting systems/structures as a result of bad advice
  • Lack of initiative in tax reduction strategies
  • Lack of future business & tax planning

Road Map:

  • Establish easily accessible lines of communication
  • Simplified the accounting and business structure
  • Offered immediate tax reduction strategies

Roll Out:

  • Switched our accounting software from MYOB to Xero to help streamline the accounting process
  • Constant communication on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis to address the current period(s) and plan for the next
  • Constantly finding new solutions to benefit our cashflow and minimize tax


“Partnering with Future Advisory for our accounting and financial planning has been, without a doubt, one of the best moves we have made as a company.

Future Advisory instantly identified the issues in our structures and systems, that were created as a result of poor guidance from our previous advisor, and offered immediate solutions to address these issues. Communication is clearly a key value for Future Advisory, who are in constant contact with us to discuss our current position whilst always planning for the future months/years. Everything is explained in layman’s terms and we receive prompt responses to any queries we have.

As a result of our partnership with Future Advisory we now have a greater understanding of our finances, systems and options. We are better prepared approaching BAS/EOFY tax time, and no longer have any unwelcome surprises. Having a competent financial advisor taking care of our accounts and looking out for our best interests has enabled us to focus more on growing our business.”

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