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The Numbers Game Podcast

Jase didn’t have enough on his plate over here so he added to it with a very juicy podcast (gotta get those greens in). It’s called The Numbers Game and it’s bloody great if we say so ourselves *proud parents*. Here’s what it’s all about…

How did The Numbers Game come Podcast about?

Jase had podcasting on his mind for a while and working with the team from The Daily Talk Show as clients meant that he was even more inspired. Thinking that three nerds was better than one, he threw the idea out to Nick and Marty at Inovayt (our mates and referral partners that many of you will know). The cherry on top was knowing that Marty had previously hosted his own successful pod. 

For some reason, they liked Jase enough to say yes, and The Numbers Game was off and running. The aim of the game? To give valuable, free information to those wanting to educate themselves in the finance, investment and business spaces. By creating these episodes, it gave Jase, Nick and Marty scale to help more people to make better financial decisions. They truly feel the time, money and effort put into this podcast is well worth it, because they know they’re helping people – and that makes for three happy blokes. 

What can we expect to learn from The Numbers Game Podcast?

The importance of understanding your numbers, whether that’s business or personal, is paramount and the number one lesson that’s been woven throughout each episode. A lot of people have a disconnection from their numbers and they’re blind to them and what they mean. Jase, Nick and Marty have been able to explain things in a clear way that people from all walks of life understand. Numbers aren’t scary, they just need to be understood. 

You can expect a broad range of subjects from an accountant that does a lot of business advisory, a financial planner who deals with super, insurance and investment decisions and a broker that deals with property every day, loan structuring and credit cards.

People pay a lot of money to get advice from professionals in our fields. The value in educating yourself beforehand means you can fastrack your path – engaging the right professional becomes much easier when you understand what you need to be looking for and the areas you need the most support in. 

the numbers game podcast

How can we listen to The Numbers Game Podcast?

Very easily! You can find the pod on all good streaming platforms including Spotify and Apple Podcasts. You can also find the eps on our website, and videos on YouTube. No excuse not to consume this content!

Here’s a rundown of some recent episodes…

Episode 7

In this episode we talk all about VALUE. Our time is our most valuable asset. We’re working towards a better future but at what cost? What do you need to prioritise and what can you handball to someone else? Hone in on what’s most important and put plans in place to free up your time. Listen to this episode for more. 

Episode 8 

From entering the property market to dangers of buying with friends to knowing your long term financial plans, in this episode we cover all things PROPERTY. Should you provide a guarantee for your kids to buy a house? What are some new ways people are getting into the market? Tune in to this ep to find out. 

Episode 9 

Building and leading a team is not a walk in the park. The secret? Knowing what your business goals are, finding the right people with the attributes that you’re looking for and fit well into your business dynamics, and developing your staff incrementally through mentoring and getting to know them beyond the results. Head over to episode 9 for more lessons and strategies!

Season two will be recorded shortly. Are there any topics you’d like us to cover? Slide into our DMs to let us know!