Bricks & Clicks – Part One

Bricks and Clicks

A few weeks ago, our very own Jase had the opportunity to fly to Sydney and be featured on Kochie’s new TV show, Bricks and Clicks

The show, produced by Pinstripe Media, follows six diverse business owners from all over Australia, who are on a journey to transform their businesses from local bricks and mortar to global brands. 

The business owners undertook several workshops with industry leaders and experts that followed the 10 module Bricks and Clicks online course that will soon be available free online for anyone to complete. 

The Bricks and Clicks course is designed to help retail store owners sharpen their skills on everything from payment options to websites and marketing.


Jason was there to chat the business owners through module six, Payments. More of his hot tips in our next blog post. 

Jase says that joining the Bricks and Clicks team was a no brainer. 

“As a small business owner myself, I know the importance of getting paid. 

Rent, bills, wages, tax and super. There are many costs to running a small business, and it’s crucial to get cash in the bank regularly and to avoid falling behind. 

A well known and often talked about statistic is that approximately 60% of small business don’t survive their first 3 years. Cashflow issues and lack of knowledge are two of the main reasons noted.

For those embarking on a journey to take their business online, embrace the opportunity that the free online 10 module course gives you, prepare for it, know and understand your numbers and forecast –  if the accountant or advisor you work with doesn’t get it, it may be time to find an advisor who does!”

See Jase in action below: 

Jason Robinson Bricks & Clicks Part One