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Whether you’ve dabbled in a bit of trading as a ‘rona hobby or you’re making an income from it, cryptocurrency impacts your tax in a big way. We’ve got you covered from bitcoin to dogecoin… ruff ruff.

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If you’re into crypto, your return needs a bit of extra TLC. We’re across the complexities and ever-changing laws and regulations around this industry. Book a tax return, let us know crypto is involved and we'll tee up a call with one of our experts.

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Investor, trader, crypto based business… there are many ways to jump on this particular bandwagon. We can give anyone a hand, no matter what kind of crypto activity you're up to.

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It takes a special kind of Type A to understand the intricacies of crypto tax and lucky for you, we’ve got a couple of them up our sleeve.

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If an auditor comes knocking on your door, no need to make a run for it. We’ll have your tax return ticking every ATO box.

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Organising your tax return is one thing, but understanding the implications of crypto and then planning for it to minimise tax obligations is another. Tap us on the shoulder more than once a year in July and reap the benefits of future thinking.

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Future Advisory have become an integral part of my wider team. They say outsource what you aren't good at and that wisdom couldn't have worked better for my books. Future are never too busy to answer my questions; they're reliable, skilled, and importantly, great people

Victoria W.
WLKR Digital

The Future Advisory team have made it an absolute pleasure to do simply beautiful business. The traditional accounting cobwebs have been dusted away and their forward thinking fresher holistic approach, where a team of number crunching professionals look at your file and data, tailoring the critical information you need to know as a small business owner. Their services have freed up my time to do what I do best and that’s being with my customers.

Sandro P.
Social Manna

The team at Future Advisory have been champions at giving us invaluable advice to help us make financially informed decisions to grow our business to where we are today. We can't thank and recommend the team enough!

Andy N.
Ven Agency

A capital gains tax (CGT) event occurs when you dispose of your cryptocurrency. ‘Disposal’ occurs when you sell or gift your crypto, trade or exchange your crypto, convert crypto to a fiat currency (e.g. AUD), or use crypto to pay for goods and services. If you make a capital gain from this ‘disposal’, some or all of this gain may be taxed. Certain gains or losses can be disregarded, so chat with us today to find out where you stand!

In order to calculate your Cryptocurrency tax, book in with a Future Advisory Crypto Specialist today!

There is not a standard answer for everyone on Crypto taxes, so your best bet is to have a chat with the Future Advisory Crypto Specialists!

This is entirely dependant on your circumstances, so you’ll need to have a chat with a Future Advisory Crypto Specialist today!

Crypto is taxed differently dependant on how it is held. Chat with a Future Advisory Crypto Specialist today!

You will need to report any Crypto gains you have made when tax-time comes around!