Shelley Henry

CA, HR Manager

We’re sure Shelley was a gymnast in a past life because she’s got balance down to a fine art. A mum to 11-year-old Harrison, Bikram yoga teacher and HR Manager at Future Advisory, our West Coast representative is just as impressive in person as she in on paper.

With 20+ years of experience in firms across Sydney, Melbourne and finally Perth, Shelley’s passion for getting her clients results is certainly matched with expertise. Growing up on a sheep and cattle farm she has always loved working with farming clients but loves the variety of people that come through her door. Nothing makes her happier than being able to celebrate the wins with her clients and see her work making a real difference. That love of working with and helping people has now translated beautifully from accountant, to HR Manager. Shelley was made for the job!

Her passion for helping others is also glaringly obvious in her love for Bikram yoga teaching. She found a life changing stillness in the practice 15 years ago and lights up when she tells you about the clients she sees experience the changes she did from yoga. When she’s not teaching, her weekends are spent on the pristine Fremantle beaches with her son Harrison who is exactly the free-spirited, yoga child you would imagine!

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